Saturday, 26 November 2011

Victoria's Secret

I dedicate this blog to all my male readers. For me it's been a tradition to watch the show live, online, every year. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance this year. In case you dont know what it is I'll give you a short explaination. Its THE most beautiful woman, in the world (no doubt), who's doing a runway show wearing underwear. The show is hosted by Victoria Secret who's the company behind the sexy designs. 

The difference from this fashion show, and all other fashion shows, is that its made for entertaining. Every year they have an artist singing while the runway is on. Last year it was Katy Perry and AKON, a few years ago it was Usher. This year they had Adam Levine. 

I will let the pictures speak for them self, enjoy! 


  1. When was it?

  2. Not enough nerd left in me to enjoy this fantasy theme :(

  3. Always knew you were a special boy, Saf :-))) x

  4. I cant wait to watch this show on Tv! I think it airs this week!!

  5. I can wait to see the show... :)


  6. This show must have been fantastic, they are so beautiful and one of them is engaged to adam levine anyway ! ;-) He is hot too !
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