Sunday, 20 November 2011


Since I watched the documentary on BBC Four "Seven Photographs that Changed Fashion", I've been very inspired by him. His work is timeless, weird in a cool way, unique and totally breathtaking. Everybody wants to get their pictures taken by him, and I understand why. H

SEXY Rosie Huntington Whiteley
In the documentary you see how Rankin redo some photos that has changed fashion in so many ways.. Photographers like Cecil Beaton, Erwin Blumenfeld, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, David Bailey and Guy Bourdin. The pictures he re-did is iconic photos that I, myself, have had on my computer for years and years.

I used some of his method when I did my 2 photo-shoots last week. It has been a great experience and I really found out what I want with my education and my future the last couple of weeks, SO with that said I will now share one picture that I did at my photo-shoot. - cause I did a "Rankin" myself :-) Enjoy!

Dress and styling by Christina Frederiksen. Model: Anouk Evers.


  1. thankyou christine! your comment made me smile! i'm so so so glad you love reading fashion-train! :)


  2. the one you did yourself is actually David Baileys work - the portrait of his wife