Thursday, 24 November 2011

Time to shine

According to Vogue - or should I rather say: the truth is!!! - the glitter hits the high street board. Its here, and its here to stay, hopefully only the winter over. Shiny stones on fabric, gold and silver fabrics, shiny glittery garments.. To be totally honest with you, I'm not the biggest fan in the world. I think it takes a sudden figure and shape to carry it, and for us "normal" people, who doesnt have 2m. long legs and measures 30cm around the waist, its not great. It turns people into looking like paper-bags, and that's not the look I'm looking for, when dressing up! :-)

BUT when thats said, I find glittery accessories to be absolutely great! Earrings, nail polish, bracelets, and beautiful hair jewelry. Im a massive fan of these. There's no limits or rules in which sort of jewelry to wear, as long as they're flashy and that you love it! So 'sparkle' up, girls!! 

I really like this gold color, from Chanel

Alex Monroe. I LOVE his jewelry, check it out at!
The ghetto gold is back.

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