Sunday, 14 April 2013

Born and raised

Life as we speak is lived in many different ways, different from person to person. Every single one of us has our own idea on how life should be lived, what is wrong and what is right. I'm very much a person of thought, meaning I think a lot about everything. Without actually thinking about it I have been putting tons of thought into what kind of person I would like to be. I turned 26 in February which means life is pretty much at its best, I'm about to finish my uni-degree this year and about to make some huge decisions in terms of what I want to do with my life, where I wanna go and where I want to end up. Dreaming is allowed and is for me one of the biggest privileges of life. Noone can or should tell you what you can or cannot do, dont let anyone stand in the way. Getting older though, I have seen people come and go, you meet new people all the time and sometimes it feels like you have come to meet people that brings new and exciting things with them. For some reason now when looking back, I can make a long list with people who I have spend tons of time with, but for whatever reason I dont anymore. I end up having the people I have known since I was a kid, the closest to me.

The people who really knows you, knows both the good and bad sides and even though I, from time to time and for different reasons shows my ugly side, they still stick around. I choose to call these people my friends. My family. When all comes to the end, you know who can count on and deep inside you know that you would do anything for them if you had to, without blinking with an eye.

Everyday I have smaller or bigger fights with myself. Having a creative mind, seems to also create some sort of "problems" . With problems I don't really mean 'problems', more personal discussions or fights, that mainly happens in my head. I want everything to be perfect. My work, my art, my make-up, my nails, my relationships. Nothing can be perfect even though I want it to be, and this is one of the flaws I have, I have a hard time accepting that fact. Being self-critical is to some extend a good thing, right? I hear all the time that people thinks I'm a nice person, that I'm the "in your face" kind of person, which makes me happy. It just makes it harder for me to then admit if there is something I am not comfortable about, cause that sort of doesn't suit the persona people has put on me. Then the worry kicks in and I guess you all know that feeling you can get, like your nervous. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't care what others think, after all its my life not theirs and if they don't like me then *shoot*. But really I do care, I think everyone does. We all care about what others thinks of us to some extend. We want to be liked, we want to be acknowledged.

What is right and wrong though. I cant tell but I sometimes wish someone could. When you run into the wall and you don't know whether you should look to the left or right, I wish I had someone to guide me. Through the last couple of years I have grown as a person, accepting things and done things that I have a hard time connecting to the person I -think- I am. I'm very opinionated, I can be stubborn, I'm a sucker for love. I know what hurts me and I'm aware when I get hurt and how. And still I let it happen, this is one of the main issues I have when it comes to over-thinking. "Why am I doing it when I know the outcome?" To the point of this whole wall of text: I think we like to suffer and I believe we love emotional pain to an extend where it doesn't break us completely but leaves us in a spot where we can still crawl our way back up. The contrast when reaching the top again leaves us high on happiness and the pain was somewhat "worth it".

I see myself as a good person. I love people easily, I trust people hardly but I give everyone a chance to prove themselves. "Be the kind of person you want to meet" is one of my favourite quotes, and also a line my parents has told be since I was a child. I will stop writing now I don't actually see a red-line in this post but who cares. Its my life and I decide it made me feel great to put it "down on paper"

S xx

Friday, 5 April 2013

KK For Kim Kardashian

So it's no secret to anyone anymore that Kim Kardashian and KW is waiting a baby, and I'm truely excited for them. However Kim is known for being an amazingly beautiful woman with a - most of the time, a great style. She is also real well known for her sexy body frame in which the world loves to discuss. Something just went wrong for Kim when she got pregnant, I surely hope she is not spending too much money on a stylist cause then I'd say the money is paying for nothing.. I know she's pregnant and she's beautiful no matter what, but I still believe some outfits is better then others.

Here's some do's and dont's of the worlds most sexy woman, according to Stina;



Monday, 26 November 2012

Tyra Tyra Tyra

One of my idols. I love this shoot she did for an Asian magazine. Enjoy!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

For my beloved nerds

As I mentioned in my previous blog most people associate nerds with glasses, junkfood and bad style. This is however not always the case. Therefore I would like to give a few suggestions to how you can change your image or simply just make a few improvements.

Sitting in front of your computer all day long, every week is no excuse to not dress properly. You might not have the interest but I promise you that if you lack confidence, it might be worth spending a little time on looking into. The key is often to understand how to put your clothing together. If that's the case, I would like to introduce you to a few websites who does most of it for you. Most websites are providing a look-book which shows you outfits they've put together. You don't have to do the exact outfit yourself, but it's good if you just need some inspiration.

Hair style: 
You can so easily get a new look by simply changing your hair-style. You have to get your hair cut so why not try something new? Here's an example of Scott from Method before and after, looks good right? You can always ask a hair-designer which hair-cut suits your face-shape or which sort of style is IN at the moment. It can be pretty scary to try something totally different, but take a chance and challenge yourself. You might end up loving your new look ;-).

Your face:
Glasses are in, so no need to go get contact lenses if you are confortable wearing glasses already. A thing that will never be IN though, is bad skin. Make sure to eat some sort of healthy and to clean your skin everyday. If you don't get much fresh air or do any sort of exercise, it's very important to look after your skin. At your local store you can get face-washes, moisturizer etc. FOR MEN. Saying "ITS GAY" is not legit, this is 2012, not 1950...

Most importantly; Be yourself, find something you feel comfortable wearing. Fashion fades, style is eternal - so go find your own, personal, ROCK-ON nerd-style.

xoxo Stina

Friday, 23 November 2012

Something else

It all began a friday night 7 years ago when I was on my way out to yet another party. I was meeting up with a girl from my school but before we were ready to hit the town, she had to finish "her raid". I had no idea what that meant, didnt know anything about any sort of games, besides the fact that most people who "played games" was nerds, usually with glasses and bad skin. However I turned up and watched her play, and for some reason (after a good laugh and some pointing fingers), I found the universe quite amazing. She was playing World of Warcraft. The day after I went to the local store and bought the game. I spend the first months on changing "cloth" on my lvl 1 - still, undead warlock. In the end of Vanilla I had the chance of joining a few raids and this more time I spend in-game this more I enjoyed playing the game. I began my hardcore career as soon as TBC hit, and joined Celebrity on Balnazzar. To make a long story short I joined Showdown when Celebrity disbanded, later Perfectly Sane for in the end being a part of forming Envy where my journey also ended. I've now played the game on a casual level for 2 years, having my home in Method on Twisting Nether. Also my dear warlock is dead and gone, and now replaced with my blood elf rogue - which I find way more fun to play. When I'm not playing WoW I usually play League of Legends, feel free to poke me on EU West; Xxtina. :)

This blog was created for me to blog about the other part of my life; fashion, which I study and love. I'll finish my BA in Branding and Marketing December 2013, so there might be a few posts here and there containing clothing or other things related. 

If there's anything specific you would like me to write about, feel free to leave a comment :-)
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xoxo Stina

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Oliver Bjerrehuus

Sadly I might piss on a few people by writing this, but Denmark are not actually known for hosting great looking men.... Sad and true, BUT, when thats said there is one guy who actually has it all. He's been one of the biggest mail models worldwide. He worked for designers such as Georgio Armani, Malu, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.

Enjoy this beautiful piece of Denmark :-)