Friday, 23 November 2012

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It all began a friday night 7 years ago when I was on my way out to yet another party. I was meeting up with a girl from my school but before we were ready to hit the town, she had to finish "her raid". I had no idea what that meant, didnt know anything about any sort of games, besides the fact that most people who "played games" was nerds, usually with glasses and bad skin. However I turned up and watched her play, and for some reason (after a good laugh and some pointing fingers), I found the universe quite amazing. She was playing World of Warcraft. The day after I went to the local store and bought the game. I spend the first months on changing "cloth" on my lvl 1 - still, undead warlock. In the end of Vanilla I had the chance of joining a few raids and this more time I spend in-game this more I enjoyed playing the game. I began my hardcore career as soon as TBC hit, and joined Celebrity on Balnazzar. To make a long story short I joined Showdown when Celebrity disbanded, later Perfectly Sane for in the end being a part of forming Envy where my journey also ended. I've now played the game on a casual level for 2 years, having my home in Method on Twisting Nether. Also my dear warlock is dead and gone, and now replaced with my blood elf rogue - which I find way more fun to play. When I'm not playing WoW I usually play League of Legends, feel free to poke me on EU West; Xxtina. :)

This blog was created for me to blog about the other part of my life; fashion, which I study and love. I'll finish my BA in Branding and Marketing December 2013, so there might be a few posts here and there containing clothing or other things related. 

If there's anything specific you would like me to write about, feel free to leave a comment :-)
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