Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Its not long ago since I wrote the blog "It's finally here", and Versace is still even to be find in the shops! But still, today they announced that in 2012 Spring, H&M will make a collection in corroboration with Marni. As we all have experienced with the Versace collection, its been criticized for being way to flashy (can't say I agree on that myself, though...), and bringing Marni in here, is a massive change in style. Marni is very classy and sophisticated. I find Italian fashion very sexy and "simple" in a good way of course, so I'm excited to see the final result.

I will keep you guys updated with pictures as soon as I have any, but till then enjoy the video ;-)

x C

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

British Fashion Awards, 2011

I love looking at pictures from the red carpet. A-lists doesnt hold back to these shows, and its pure eye-candy for me to watch. This year was no exception. Kate Moss looked like a million and so did Victoria Beckham. This years winners was quite predictable, with Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen winning "Designer of the Year". Sarah took over for Alexander, as the creative director. The famous "Red Carpet" price went to Stella McCartney, which was totally deserved considering how often you see celebrities wearing her designs (I'm a massive fan myself). 

The "Designer Brand" award went to Victoria Beckham, who has surprised me a lot. I absolutely adore her latest collection. Read more on !

Stella McCartney

Victoria Beckham

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Victoria's Secret

I dedicate this blog to all my male readers. For me it's been a tradition to watch the show live, online, every year. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance this year. In case you dont know what it is I'll give you a short explaination. Its THE most beautiful woman, in the world (no doubt), who's doing a runway show wearing underwear. The show is hosted by Victoria Secret who's the company behind the sexy designs. 

The difference from this fashion show, and all other fashion shows, is that its made for entertaining. Every year they have an artist singing while the runway is on. Last year it was Katy Perry and AKON, a few years ago it was Usher. This year they had Adam Levine. 

I will let the pictures speak for them self, enjoy! 

Time to man up..

Earlier I've mentioned glitter, high heals and colourful lips, BUT now its time to talk about something totally different! Many years ago, in 1883 to be exact, an incredible woman was born. She has not only been a massive part of shaping fashion into what it is today, she changed fashion and was also the person who broke the rules that a woman couldn't wear pants or corsets. 

Gabrielle Coco Chanel, is one of my biggest idols. I've read pretty much everything that's worth reading about her, and I still look up some of her designs, to find inspiration. Dressing as an elegant lady is 'in' but dressing masculine is even more hot.. Flat shoes, oversized jackers and pants is on third season, hotter then ever. Short hair is slowly going away again though, so its back to being a mix of being feminine with long hair but still keeping the bad-boy style. 
KALVIN EVA Sole Brogues, £60 at


Diamond Jacquard Blazer, £65
There is absolutely no excuse to dress boring this winterseason, I would actually say that you should leave you're boring cardigans for casual use, at home! If you're like me, and you enjoy a pair of jeans, then shine them up with something smart, it can so easily be done, with a big scarf and a cool jacket. 

Macau Wool by ACHNE £240

Marc Jacobs clutch, best at the market!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Time to shine

According to Vogue - or should I rather say: the truth is!!! - the glitter hits the high street board. Its here, and its here to stay, hopefully only the winter over. Shiny stones on fabric, gold and silver fabrics, shiny glittery garments.. To be totally honest with you, I'm not the biggest fan in the world. I think it takes a sudden figure and shape to carry it, and for us "normal" people, who doesnt have 2m. long legs and measures 30cm around the waist, its not great. It turns people into looking like paper-bags, and that's not the look I'm looking for, when dressing up! :-)

BUT when thats said, I find glittery accessories to be absolutely great! Earrings, nail polish, bracelets, and beautiful hair jewelry. Im a massive fan of these. There's no limits or rules in which sort of jewelry to wear, as long as they're flashy and that you love it! So 'sparkle' up, girls!! 

I really like this gold color, from Chanel

Alex Monroe. I LOVE his jewelry, check it out at!
The ghetto gold is back.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Since I watched the documentary on BBC Four "Seven Photographs that Changed Fashion", I've been very inspired by him. His work is timeless, weird in a cool way, unique and totally breathtaking. Everybody wants to get their pictures taken by him, and I understand why. H

SEXY Rosie Huntington Whiteley
In the documentary you see how Rankin redo some photos that has changed fashion in so many ways.. Photographers like Cecil Beaton, Erwin Blumenfeld, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, David Bailey and Guy Bourdin. The pictures he re-did is iconic photos that I, myself, have had on my computer for years and years.

I used some of his method when I did my 2 photo-shoots last week. It has been a great experience and I really found out what I want with my education and my future the last couple of weeks, SO with that said I will now share one picture that I did at my photo-shoot. - cause I did a "Rankin" myself :-) Enjoy!

Dress and styling by Christina Frederiksen. Model: Anouk Evers.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

It's finally here..

I've got myself a nasty eye infection, so I feel quite doll and tired, but I simply have to write this blog. I've been waiting for this to happen for a while, most of you might already know what I'm about to write about! :-)

Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Jimmy Choo, they all did it... And after waiting quite a while, Versace now joined the group as well. All these fabulous designers, have provided the high-street with affordable goodies for us mortal, students who (for now), cant afford the big shopping bills.. By "guest-designing" for H&M, they've created collections, which all have been more pricey then  the usual H&M prices, but 100% worth it. Its unique designs, made in good quality fabrics, and I think the woman suits from Stella McCartney was around 100£ for a set. That's not bad, is it? 

I've been dying to see this collection from Versace, which I've read will contain some old, old designs created by Gianni Versace himself - almost jumping out of my chair here. The pricerange is around 100-200£ for a dress depending on features and details. So if you haven't had access yet, or you simply didnt know about this 'happening', I'll now share some photos with you - I picked my favorits, check out for more info! Enjoy..





Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"The Golden Fur Needle"

The Golden Fur Needle, "Den Gyldne PelsnÃ¥l" is a Danish design competition for students all over Denmark, held every year in Copenhagen, by Kopenhagen Fur. Its separated into 3 categories; Clothing, Home wear and accessories. To be among the finalists is a big deal and a price it self, and this year a student from TEKO (the fashion school I study at) was one of the 9 finalists. Her design "Feel it" was in the category 'Home Wear';

These beautiful lamps are made out of Mink Fur. I think they look amazing. If you feel for seeing for, check out the Youtube link from the show. 

Congratulations to Camilla Engholm Poulsen. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Winter 11/12

This winter brings different colors and styles to the fashiontable. Romantic patterns, long boots, fake fur, and colorful lips - there's no limits and no reason to be shy... Once again the options are open, and styles many. The Hunter-style is for real back, with the green, brown and yellow colors. Its also all about leather, leather, leather, LEATHER! The aviator jacket from last season is still hot, so there's no excuse for leaving it in the closet!

I would also like to remind you, that hats is THE accessories to use this winter, HATS! This bigger the better. There's absolutely no rules of which color or shape they have, be creative and find something that suits you and your style. Personally I have a massive crush on the fur-hat from Burberry, but 995£ is most likely out of my price range. Feel free to leave a comment, with which hat/style, that's your favorite this season. 

Another thing this year, that came as a surprise to me, is that fetish is back. Leather, black lace, corsets, go wild... You no longer have to hide your bonddage outfits underneath your bed, you can now wear it on a night out and even be a fashionista!

Keep checking for my next update, thanks for reading! 
x C

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