Thursday, 3 November 2011

Winter 11/12

This winter brings different colors and styles to the fashiontable. Romantic patterns, long boots, fake fur, and colorful lips - there's no limits and no reason to be shy... Once again the options are open, and styles many. The Hunter-style is for real back, with the green, brown and yellow colors. Its also all about leather, leather, leather, LEATHER! The aviator jacket from last season is still hot, so there's no excuse for leaving it in the closet!

I would also like to remind you, that hats is THE accessories to use this winter, HATS! This bigger the better. There's absolutely no rules of which color or shape they have, be creative and find something that suits you and your style. Personally I have a massive crush on the fur-hat from Burberry, but 995£ is most likely out of my price range. Feel free to leave a comment, with which hat/style, that's your favorite this season. 

Another thing this year, that came as a surprise to me, is that fetish is back. Leather, black lace, corsets, go wild... You no longer have to hide your bonddage outfits underneath your bed, you can now wear it on a night out and even be a fashionista!

Keep checking for my next update, thanks for reading! 
x C

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