Friday, 2 December 2011

Art by Dior

Just got home after some shopping with my boyfriend <3 LOVE. I'm going to spend my whole weekend, working on the article for MUSE. 

If you're into fashion, you see it as art. That's how I feel at least, some people might argue against it... I get through a rush of different emotions when I sit down and study a shoot. Some touches me more then others, but I will try and give you some examples of which photos I enjoy and find inspirational. Dior is known for their amazing Haute Couture and Patrick Demarchelier has caught some moments in these shoots, that absolutely rocks my world. They are all to be find in the book "Dior COUTURE" - a good idea for a christmas present :)

Have a great weekend, enjoy the pictures and happy 2nd Dec1 - x C


  1. great photos. Thanks for sharing - visit my blog sometimes =)

  2. wow beautiful!
    i really like your blog, now a follower :)

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  3. Amazing inspiration!
    Love your blog!

  4. this posst is sooo lovely!