Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Princess for a night

As I already mentioned I have been staying in Scotland for the last 4 months, just got back home to Denmark 2 days ago, had an exam the day after I arrived - pretty intense I must say! But I passed with a blast and I was super happy about that! But my last weekend in Aberdeen was pretty fucking amazing actually... My boyfriend is doing his third year placement atm. working for a oil company and they held a massive ball every year, which was this last saturday. He wore a kilt of course, as a true Scotsman! 

Before I became a princess ;-)

I was wearing:
Dress from Zara
Heals from Kurt Geiger 
Clutch from Belsac
Jacket from Minimum 


  1. thnaks for follow me :)
    You have a great blog too
    And I love your dress :)


    PS: You have a new follower .

  2. You are really pretty! :D
    Thanks for following me cutie!