Thursday, 1 December 2011



To study fashion is a lot of things. I find myself lucky that I can spend my time at uni, doing my hobby. Everyday since I was a little girl, I've been reading Vogue and I've been making my own drawings, but when I got in at TEKO where my main studies are, everything changed. You learn and hear about things you never heard about. You find out what your weaknesses and strengths are, but most important you find out who you really are yourself. When you're young you're also very naive in many ways. Learning by doing is one of my life philosophies and sometimes you have to trip in the process of learning it the correct way. I tripped many times, but somehow I always managed to find ground to stand on again.  

What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, grap the pencil and continue drawing till you're happy with the result. Cut the fabric till it has the correct shape. Try another jacket if the outfit doesn't go well together...

This is just a handful of some of my work. The point of this blog is, that if you have a dream, dont be scared of following it. Everything's possible, just carry on and keep walking.

x C


  1. Very inspirational :-)

    Love the yellow dress!

    Stop by sometime, maybe we could be follower buddies? :-)


  2. That's great what you're doing. Best wishes and never give up on your dreams ! Thanks for following, I am following you too =)

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  3. wow! you totally make me impressed here.I'm so thrilled reading to all of your entry.You totally got fashion sense in your soul.Adore your work dear :) cant wait for more from you :)

  4. Just beautiful talented soul you are:-)))*

    Wish you fantastic Christmas time!


  5. oh wow! I wish I could draw like that(:
    love those outfits!!

  6. You look like cameron diaz! And you do great work, the drawings are really good!

  7. wow such gorgeous pictures, you look fab. x